Lot's of work, made easier.


Meeting & Brainstorming
/15 days
  • Let's talk
  • I'll make you a concept chart for you to brainstorm and take your idea a step further.
  • I'll share a daily schedule for you to start being more productive with your time.
  • I'll be expecting your freelance or micro-startup project to be documented more by the next time we talk.


Get your Act Together
  • Install your website design.
  • Spreadsheet and email template offers.
  • Digital sales & distribution.


Act Local, Think Global
  • Together, we will take freelancing a step further for you.
  • I will help you define a brand and back it up with regular digital art work.
  • Aside of digital distribution, we will actively seek clients, through regular spam proof mailing.
  • We will talk about social media and plan campaigns without loosing your soul to it all.

You won't get it better, nor cheaper.

I can install and manage your profesional website without any programming or design skills.

Help you manage any business with a digitally improved plan and physically healthy routine.

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